If you had the opportunity...Would you pick the brain of a billionaire business wizard?

Spend Sunday Morning June 25th With Marcus Lemonis

Keynote speaker, serial entrepreneur and celebrity Marcus Lemonis – This dynamic business wizard, star of CNBC’s The Profit, owns dozens of companies in a wide variety of industries. He’ll demonstrate how you can apply practical solutions to business dilemmas with behind-the-scenes revelations. He’ll even answer questions on stage submitted by you. Plus, you’ll have an opportunity to take a one-on-one photo with Marcus.
To Attend This Event Email Sam@redcarpetbusinessmarketing.com

The Clock Is Ticking...









Many of the best and brightest small business owners from dozens of diverse fields and industries will be converging on the Windy City in late June. Their mission: To discover, dissect and discuss the latest growth strategies and marketing insights with a renowned panel of experts.

Gene Kelly

Rico Racosky

Shaun Buck

Graig Presti

Steve Cesari

With more than 40 years of business experience and maker of the Juiceman Juicer, Steve Cesari partnered with his brohter Rick to start Cesari Direct and helped build The George Foreman Grill, Oxiclean, Sonicare Toothbrush and GoPro brands to name a few.

Rick Cesari

Founder and CEO of Cesari Direct and considered one of the top brand-building, response-generating ad agencies in North America, Rick has been a pioneer in direct response marketing.

Phenomenal panel of growth specialists

Phenomenal panel of growth specialists – Gene Kelly will share his systems for success and how you can implant them seamlessly into your business, no matter what line of work you are in. Rico Racosky will talk in depth about “choice tools” that will help you dramatically improve your decision-making in business and in life. Shaun Beck, the master creator of newsletters that really work, will show you how to exponentially grow and nurture your business using this time-tested marketing tool. And Graig Presti will uncover secret strategies to measurable growth and market domination.

A once-in-a-lifetime networking opportunity – Meet and mingle with other small business owners to discuss joint venture possibilities that could change the future course of your business!

Win a private business consultation

Dr. John Kalaras Ph.D.

Win a private business consultation – One lucky attendee will earn a one-on-one guidance session with master business builder Dr.John Kalaras. He normally charges $50,000 plus expenses for this kind of advice.

All attendees will receive a powerhouse package of 4 breakthrough training kits – Growth Stacking Formula Program, Sales Maximizer Formula Training Program, Joint Venture Connections Program and Profit Stacking Exit Formula Program. The combined value of these programs alone is equal to the total ticket price of attendance at the Business Growth Summit!

5% of ticket sales will be donated to the Purple Heart Foundation – You will be supporting a worthy charitable cause.

Transform your business – and your life

You’re busy running your business and wearing many hats. You’re working lots of hours and probably burning the candle at both ends. But you need to stop spinning your wheels when it comes to real growth and revenue building. At the Business Growth Summit you will pick up an impressive arsenal of surefire ways to jump start your company. You will head home loaded with new ideas, strategies, tools and resources that will put your business on a fast track so you can eclipse your competition.

These are more than just theories and gimmicks. You will become a proactive professional marketing master – confident and poised with a new-found ability to mine new customers, clients or patients with lead generation programs that will work wonders for your bottom line.

You’ll discover secret strategies to generating and converting leads, increasing referrals, developing new markets, attracting your best customers who will spend more, more often. You will become an authority in your field, with credibility and expertise, recognized as a rising star in your field. You will discover secret formulas to nurture your business and install full-proof systems into your business in ways you never before imagined possible.

After attending the Business Growth Summit, you will be poised, revitalized and refreshed, ready to unleash all the knowledge you acquire in Chicago. We guarantee that this once-in-a-lifetime event will absolutely revolutionize the way you approach your business.

Sponsored by your partners in sustained success

Walter Bergeron

Walter Bergeron, one of the principle players at Red Carpet Business Marketing, started his first business at the age of 12. He served in the U.S. Navy and is a Gulf War veteran. A native of the bayou country of Louisiana, he specializes in building up and then selling businesses for top dollar. The most recent business he developed and then sold netted $10 million. His blue collar work ethic and natural sales skills, along with an uncanny sixth sense for smart business decisions, make him a natural teacher and coach for other enterprising small business entrepreneurs.  Only Walter’s family and faith take precedence over his dedication to helping other businesses grow.

Sam Frentzas

Walter’s partner, Sam Frentzas, firmly believes that two key elements to small business success are treating customers well and offering a high quality service or product. Sam grew up in an entrepreneurial family, working at his father’s clothing store while attending Loyola University in Chicago. True to his heritage, he and his brother ran a successful Greek restaurant. He was also a commodities trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. In his spare time he likes to write and perform comedy skits. He tirelessly works every day to reach his primary goal – spending quality time with his family.

Walter and Sam joined forces to form Red Carpet Business Marketing, a service firm dedicated to helping small businesses grow. The culmination of their vision is the 2017 Business Growth Summit coming to Chicago this summer.

Come to Chicago and learn how to reinvent the way you work

The upcoming Business Growth Summit offers something for every entrepreneur: a Hollywood-themed event at a film production studio, a spectacular lineup of informative speakers headed by Marcus Lemonis along with a photo op with him, over $8,000 worth of training materials for every attendee including four comprehensive training programs, fine food and drink, top notch accommodations and travel arrangements to and from the Godfrey Hotel, networking opportunities and a whole lot more.
You won’t want to miss this ultimate, once-in-a-lifetime event.
Take that giant step and commit today. This event promises to be a real game changer for any small business owner looking to fuel staggering growth quickly and keep the momentum going indefinitely.