What’s Your Business Worth?

business Jan 03, 2017

No Matter What Someone Has Told You In The Past About What Your Business Is Worth, They Are 100% WRONG!

There are literally dozens of reasons to want to know what your business is worth, such as for a partnership buyout, maybe for an estate plan or even possibly for an employee stock incentive program. But, if you want to know what your business is worth so you can sell it, then there is only one correct answer.

Your business is worth what someone is willing to pay you for it.

That’s the only correct answer. Someone might tell you that it’s worth 3 times your EBITDA or the adjusted value of all of the businesses assets or you may even hire a business valuation expert to find out. But, in the end when it is all said and done, the answer they give you will be 100% wrong. That’s because the real value of what your business is worth, when it comes to selling it, is simply what someone else is willing to pay you for it and that is completely dependent on WHO you sell it...

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7 Secret Gems to Finding the Fortune in Masterminds


Engage in the power of a mastermind to navigate you down the shortcut to prosperity!

This past year I had the privilege of simultaneously being involved in 3 of the highest level GKIC mastermind groups, Peak Performers led by Lee Milteer and Platinum Mastermind led by Dan Kennedy. Along with these, I also earned the privilege of being involved in the mastermind called Winners Weekend, which was filled with Dan Kennedy offering his profitable counsel to the years’ top marketers on their businesses. After attending all of these events the results were nothing short of miraculous. My business went from having no distinguishable marketing to speak of, to an extremely profitable marketing system. The transformation then continued as I went on to win GKIC Marketer of the Year and then finally it led to me selling the entire company and never having to work again! Mine wasn’t the only extraordinary experience. Two other mastermind members won the Infusionsoft Ultimate...

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The Sam Effect!

sam frentzas Oct 12, 2016

What Is The "Sam Effect"?

Three deals ready to close, says the princi­pal of an exhibitor at last fall’s event. Ready to close, but won’t say “Yes” till they talk to Sam. “That makes Sam a very powerful man – he has earned the trust and respect of his clients that is simply un­breakable,” said Business Owner Partiv Shah. “I am sincerely impressed with the bond he has created between him­self and his clients – I can’t sell to his clients without his blessing!”

That’s the “Sam Effect,” a phrase Partiv coined.

Sam Frentzas, who was recently promoted from business consultant to director of sales, is the trusted source many clients rely upon for business advice,

implementa­tion guidance, and sometimes just simple en­couragement. A wall in his office is covered in member thank you messages, pointing to what Sam’s done for so many – but the fact that he tapes them all up...

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