The Sam Effect!

sam frentzas Oct 12, 2016

What Is The "Sam Effect"?

Three deals ready to close, says the princi­pal of an exhibitor at last fall’s event. Ready to close, but won’t say “Yes” till they talk to Sam. “That makes Sam a very powerful man – he has earned the trust and respect of his clients that is simply un­breakable,” said Business Owner Partiv Shah. “I am sincerely impressed with the bond he has created between him­self and his clients – I can’t sell to his clients without his blessing!”

That’s the “Sam Effect,” a phrase Partiv coined.

Sam Frentzas, who was recently promoted from business consultant to director of sales, is the trusted source many clients rely upon for business advice,

implementa­tion guidance, and sometimes just simple en­couragement. A wall in his office is covered in member thank you messages, pointing to what Sam’s done for so many – but the fact that he tapes them all up...

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