Take a look at what we've done for Dr. Michelle Alex


Dr. Michelle Alex was not satisfied with the income from her Podiatry Practice so she used her knowledge of her business to create a bolt on product, that drastically increased her practices revenue.   She paid good money for a killer webinar and then hired a generic online marketer to launch her product in same old tired method getting the tired results, with nothing to show but a monthly bill from her vendor and mounting credit debt (Sound familiar?).  Desperate, she contacted us for help, and after we analyzed her pieces and funnel, realized that there were several components missing from her product launch funnel.  

Pieces That We Created That Work Together And On Auto Pilot

Evergreen Webinar

Made her existing webinar on going and integrated with Infusionsoft to maximize the capture of information from registation to application.  With this data we are able to customize the followup to fit the individuals activity.

Launch To A Cold List

We created daily content based emails driving to the webinar.  All contacts that opt in are tracked in her Infusionsoft.  If the contact did not purchase or apply for her product, they automatically go into an extensive campaign to follow up with more content about her program and addressing specific objections.

Response Based Follow-up

Dr. Michelle Alex wanted to know the conversion rate from the number of people registered webinar to the number of applications that were received.  When we looked at the numbers, and since we are tracking every step of the campaign, we were able to show her the actual numbers of registered, attended, left early, saw CTA, clicked CTA link and then who applied.  With all these metrics we were able to fine tune every step to maximize the conversion.

Infusionsoft Campaigns

She now has several Infusionsoft campaigns all working together and at the same time to maximize the touches to these cold contacts.  Since it is based on what the contact opens or clicks we are able to track and target the lowest hanging fruit and will continue to create more campaigns to take them offline with direct mail.  We continually asses the response and make changes to continually improve the process and message.

Objection Handling Video Sequence

After the launch of the webinar, it become apparent that there were numerous questions coming in, but mostly objections of why they were not buying.  So we took her hour long webinar and created 5 shorter videos answering the major objections, all with a singel simple CTA, to apply now.

Customized Application

To help qualify the prospect we created an online application that integrates with Infusionsoft.  This is a great way to get more information about the prospect, with no commitment to purchasing the product.

Sales Person

Dr. Alex is extremely busy running her practice and her own Clinical Trials so we offered to take over the sales call that followed an application.  Many times in marketing the power of a sales call is overlooked, but we build it into our campaigns and can even do it for you if necessary.

Analyze and Improve Results

We looked at Dr. Alex's existing marketing funnel and quickly saw how we could improve quickly.  Now that it is setup, it is time to analyze the successes and the failures.  We realize that both are opportunities to improve her process and maximize her ROI.

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