Take a look at what we've done for Rico Racosky


Mike Layton, owner of Stochastic Marketing, had a new big list that he wanted to start marketing his services too, but was not sure how to get it setup and running on autopilot. He also wanted to nurture his existing clients and to promote attendance at his annual event. Over the last year is business has increased 60% and he is now overloaded with new leads and just hosted his sold out annual event. To take it a step further, he is now looking for guidance in acquisitions and eventually his own exit from his business.

Pieces That We Created That Work Together And On Auto Pilot

Landing Pages For Products

Had landing pages up and running, integrated with Infusionsoft and ready to start receiving money in days.

Infusionsoft Campaigns

He now has several Infusionsoft campaigns all working together and at the same time to maximize the touches to these prospects.  We are measuring all the metrics, so we can revise the campaign as needed. Once he gets an purchase, he knows he has the highest qualified prospect to offer new products and training.

Product Development

Rico cam to us with a book and great ideas, we took this and turned it into a online and physical product. And of course we are not going to stop there, from the feedback and response we will continue to improve and develop more products.

Book and Audio Sequence

We are going to take each chapter of the book and make them a lead magnet.  Each chapter will become a printed Special Report with an Audio CD.  This physical product will be mailed to prospects, with an invitation to attend church.

Analyze and Improve Results

We start analyzing results from day one.  We know that identifying that something was missing from the message and quickly fixing it, will keep things moving forward.  Being dynamic is the key to success and seeing results. 

Customer Membership Site

Created and maintain a membership site for more content on running and marketing their contracting business.  Having this element truly makes him a leader in this industry.

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