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This is Marcus Lemonis like you've never seen him before.

4 words that have probably made him billions. "I'm 100% in charge." Take a look at this quick video to see why attending this event to see Marcus Lemonis reveal things in an intimate setting like you've never been able to experience him before is something you don't want to miss.

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  • Growth Stacking Formula – Grow your business by acquiring other companies is faster and easier than you think. Marcus does it and now you can too.
  • Joint Venture Connections Program – It’s all about who you know and how you can connect with them, discover how to make the best business connection with every handshake


  • Profit Stacking Exit Formula – Sell your business to a buyer for 5X what you ever thought possible without the need for a broker or taking years to get it done.
  • Sales Maximizer Formula – Put together your own pit-bull sales team.


Dr. John Kalaras Ph.D.
 Dr. Kalaras will help one company and gift them with this on-site business assessment, which he typically charges $50,000.00 plus travel expenses for time after time. You could win this just for attending the Chicago Business Growth Summit.

Breaking down the barriers to exponential business growth.

This event will be an experience like no other you’ve ever been a part of. This is a content only (no selling) event to arm you with the strategies and tools to grow your business exponentially. There is no need to buy anything else in preparation for this event and there will be no need to buy anything at the event, also because no one is selling you anything.

Refreshing, right!

You won’t walk away from this event empty handed wishing you could afford all of the resources offered, like at other events. You won't be bombarded by 21 speakers over 3 days being pitched to 9 hours a day.

You will leave refreshed and invigorated with every single resource you'll need. Here, you get it all! We’re not holding anything back from you.

You get everything you need, all for the price of admission..

"Marcus is a hero of mine, can't wait to shake his hand and get a picture with him. "

Kevin T.
Chemical Distribution Company - Louisiana

"I've always wanted to meet Mr. Lemonis in person and the "Sweetheart Deal" will let me and John do that. Thanks Walter"

Ranie H.
Chiropractor - Arkansas

"Want to finally get all the resources I need to grow the company instead of having a bunch of guys selling to me day after day, most events are so exhausting so the way you guys are doing this one is refreshing. "

Shawn S.
President - Total Source Solutions

"Sam tells me he can help me put together a "pitbull" sales team and I'm going to hold him to it. Plus I really love going to Chicago in the summer."

Glenn A.
Owner - Sales Rep Agency

"I like getting everything for the price of admission, like a gift for us all."

Becky T.
Dental Practice

"Learning how to grow way faster and a photo of my guy Marcus, that's priceless."

Tom F.
Private Practice - St. Louis

"You guys covered all the business areas I want to address with my practice."

Chelle P.
Dental Practice - California

"VIP First Class all the way, what a way to do an event"

Terry L.
Online Sales - Texas

"Bought my ticket day 1, for business owners by business owners."

Clay C.
Industrial Sales - Texas

"I've never been to a movie production studio to hang around the stars like Marcus, plus I get to visit Chicago for a few days while in the U.S."

Danielle P.
Family Practice - Australia

"Seems like a relief to not have anyone selling me on everything for days and days and you guys are just going to give everything to me."

Greg L.
Machine Shop - Texas

Keynote Speaker – June 25th

Those fortunate enough to be a part of this two day event will experience a game-changing connection with this esteemed entrepreneur as he reveals to you how he tackles the tremendous growth barriers faced by today's business owners. Exclusively here, he will reveal eye-opening, behind the scenes insights to exponential business growth for you to use in your business. On top of that you will get a one on one photo op and be a part of the spirited Q&A as Marcus addresses your business problems live onstage!

With multiple ventures on his resume, Marcus can be seen sharing his knowledge through CNBC's show, The Profit and his newest upcoming CNBC show, The Partner. Both of which he is currently the star. He was also on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice in 2011 and 2012, and ABC’s Secret Millionaire in 2012. He is highly regarded and one of the most sought-after industry experts and keynote speakers in the business sector today, regularly delivering high-impact insights to push businesses to their maximum potential. In his invigorating presentation, Marcus will address the challenges of running a business and provide invaluable food for thought to help you push past potential barriers and develop practical solutions to grow your business in ways you may have never even imagined.

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Photo Opportunity

Mr. Lemonis has been gracious enough to not only give us behind the scenes insight into his shows and his business, but he will also be doing a photo op at the event on June 25th. So you certainly won’t want to miss this opportunity for a handshake and a smile with Marcus Lemonis.

Meet Your Hosts

Walter Bergeron

Walter is a US Navy Veteran of the Gulf War and the 2012 Marketer of the Year. He has been an entrepreneur since he was 12 years old and to date has bought and sold 6 businesses, the last venture topping $10 million. He will guide you along the path to exponentially growing and then selling your business strategically so you can get the biggest possible payday when you decide you are ready to exit your business. Click Here to Learn More about Walter.

Sam Frentzas

Sam grew up in an Entrepreneurial family rooted in his father’s belief that you must treat a customer well and offer a quality product. Spending time with his family is his biggest driver to his continued success. This goes back to even when he was working at his father’s clothing stores during the summers and while attending Loyola University. There Sam built a strong work ethic that carried over as a Commodity Trader at the Chicago Mercantile.  Click Here to Learn More about Sam.

Gene Kelly

"Cash Pumping Oil Wells In Your Business" This Serial Entrepreneur, First Generation, God Blessed, self-made millionaire is going to share with you the systems to put new cash generating activities into your business to get you to the 8 figure level like he is doing. Gene owns multiple businesses, including; the American Gunsmithing Institute and the Accelerated Training Institute and is president of Executive Protection Products Inc.

Rico Racosky

"Just 2 Choices" Rico is the founder of the Choice Revolution, a Veteran of the US Air Force, a former f-16 fighter pilot. He runs Choice University to give you powerful "choice tools" that sharpen your choice making skills - so you can confidently step into making those new, better, and ever-improving choices that will quickly and easily make living your dreams and goals your "new normal" way of life.

Shaun Buck

Owner of an Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America, Shaun is the father of 5 boys and owner of Newsletter Pro. If you want to know how to grow your business very quickly in a highly competitive commoditized industry, plus how to make referrals a huge part of that growth, then you'll want to focus on every word from Mr. Buck.

Graig Presti

CEO of Local Search For Dentists™ and™, best-selling author, speaker, motivator and self-made multimillionaire. People go to him when they want to grow their businesses or practices online.  His marketing systems have helped thousands of business and practice owners gain dominance in their markets, achieve more freedom, greater revenue to reach their income goals.

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  • YOUR Big Breakthrough is waiting for you - here and now your spouse can be a part of that life-changing breakthrough.
  • Your Greatest Opportunity Ever may be found here and you get to share that with your significant other.
  • This is a small all-inclusive event, so apply now to make sure you don't miss the best opportunity to be a part of it.


For starters you'll get...

The Growth Stacking Acquisition Formula

Acquiring other businesses can be the most viable and exciting method to grow your business rapidly and more profitably than just growing it organically through marketing and sales growth alone. It is the ‘secret sauce’ for Cisco, Microsoft, Google, Starbucks and now Facebook for bulking up and becoming mega corporations in less than ten years from their founding. This is the power of the system that is being unveiled to you in this training, so you will need to pay close attention.

Acquisitions involve taking control of other businesses that could literally double or triple your company revenue, client base, number of employees and geographic footprint overnight. It is a standard and frequently used growth strategy for larger corporations, but is a seldom used and infrequently modeled strategy for the large majority of entrepreneurs because they lack the knowledge or skills for executing it as a growth weapon. You really can’t blame yourself for this because acquisitions are made to look really hard to accomplish by industry jargon and big words that seem really complex. Organic growth is like driving a car to get you from point a to point b. Acquisitions is like taking a fighter jet to get you there. Sure the fighter jet takes more skill and practice but once you use it, you’ll fly it everywhere!

  • How to use Growth Stacking™ to exponentially grow your business (5X) five times larger, all with the stroke of a pen!
  • How to make your business worth enough to sell it sooner than you ever thought possible with a detailed plan of attack.
  • How to take advantage of all the other business owners that will fail to be able to retire at the 8 figure level like you will.
  • How to find the right buyer that will pay you a premium for your business (even with so many other businesses for sale)
  • And much, much more besides!


You'll also walk out with...

The Sales Maximizer Formula

A system that will show you how to get hire, train and keep together a sales team that will get your target audience to say “Yes” quickly and with more vigor than ever before. Multiply the number of people who buy from you and get more of your ideal customers, clients, or patients to say “Yes” to you without having to resort to “brute-force” selling techniques. This is the secret to ethically and morally grab a hold of your customers and prospects and tap into their behavioral system so they will effortlessly and gladly do business with you. It’s all about entering the conversation that’s already going on in your prospects mind when they come into contact with you-either in the boardroom, online, on stage, or face-to-face in your office. This program will give you the formula for hiring, training and keeping your team together.

  • How to put together a pit bull sales team that is focused on your sales goals as their number one priority.
  • How to train and keep your sales family together and don’t let others steal you’re A Players and you eliminate the pains of employee turnover
  • Compress time by balancing your sales teams life and work for efficient operation of the sales machine you create.
  • How to sell by building relationships and deliver what you say
  • Stand out in the crowd as an expert and mentor and true business partner so you are never just another salesperson that everyone avoids like the plague.


You'll be a part of the...

Joint Venture Connections

The 5 Minute, Million Dollar Meeting – Will it happen for you, here?

Networking more intense than at a Hollywood Agents’ party at Cannes. People praise the content of the Red Carpet Business Growth Summit to the high heavens – but the thing most people are excited about is the networking that goes on…the millions made with a drink in your hand… the meeting of people you’d never find by any other means. After all, we are bringing together more self-made millionaire and multi-millionaire and even a billionaire entrepreneurs per square inch than anywhere else. This event brings together the hottest young guns, the wealthiest old pros, the the movers ‘n shakers – all happy to share information, all hunting for new allies and colleagues. In addition to the million dollar meetings at the event you will want to be able to continue these joint ventures far and wide. So you’ll also receive an entire training course so that you always have the knowledge at your fingertips.

  • Where to find Joint Venture Partners
  • How to isolate which partnerships would be most valuable to you
  • Discovery of your weaknesses that can be eliminated with a Joint Venture relationship.
  • Reveal your strengths that you can use to profit from with multiple Joint Venture partnerships, even in other industries.

You'll have the...

The Profit Stacking Exit Formula

Now there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of different ways and variations to exit your business and it is really easy to get overwhelmed with all the options available to you. But, the Profit Stacking Exit Formula is all about making sure you sell your business for the most amount of money you can possibly get for it with a single sale. The process is very similar to the Growth Stacking process you used when looking to grow your business through acquisitions. The priorities and criteria you used to select target acquisitions works in reverse when it comes time to sell your company. The Profit Stacking Exit has 3 major components to it.  The first component is the Right Buyer, things start to fall into place much faster and easier for you. You will be looking for a buyer that can turn this acquisition into exponential growth for their company, so that even if they paid you full retail asking price for your business it would still be a bargain. When you show them the potential growth they can achieve then when they acquire your company, then any price becomes a bargain. Any amount they pay you for your business will be well worth it because their return on investment will far outweigh the cost.

  • How to use Sales Stacking™ to exponentially grow the value of your business to a buyer by (5X) five times larger, all with the stroke of a pen!
  • How to make your business worth enough to sell it sooner than you ever thought possible with a detailed plan of attack.
  • How to take advantage of all the other business owners that will fail to be able to retire at the 8 figure level like you will.
  • How to find the right buyer that will pay you a premium for your business (even with so many other businesses for sale)
  • And much, much more besides!

"It's about time someone sees the changes to the industry and gives me the tools and the path to take my practice to an entirely new level."

John W.
Personal Injury Law - Arizona

"I've been watching Marcus for years, now I get to meet him and sit down with him as part of my VIP package."

Tina R.
OBGYN - Nevada

"I'm a huge fan of "The Profit" and looking forward to getting advice for my business straight from Marcus and I know he's 100% in charge."

Joni S.
Financial Planner

"100% in charge and not a consultant, I love Marcus L. for just shooting it to his business partners straight"

Mike W.
Bankruptcy Law - Colorado

"He's into so many business types, want to see if he can tackle real estate next."

Kevin G.
Real Estate - Minnesota

"Adding buying other businesses to my industry is going to turn and successful company into a juggernaut, let me at them."

Kyle H.
Online Security - Ohio

"Is it ok to give Marcus a kiss, I saw the show where his partner took him to the cleaners and Marcus still behaved like a gentleman. Way to go Marcus."

Tonya A.
General Practice Owner - Michigan

"Acquisitions and Exits has always excited me so seeing how so many other entrepreneurs are doing it is a bit of a dream come true, especially a billionaire like Mr. Lemonis."

Pete L.
Financial Planner - Illinois

"Going to be a treat seeing Marcus Lemonis in person and be able to ask him a few pressing questions I've got about practice growth strategies. Thanks for getting Mr. Lemonis to do this guys."

Robert H.
Corporate Law - New York

"Looking for some new ideas to a super competitive industry and where all you guys find good employees too."

Scott A.
HVAC Sales and Service - Virginia

Event Video Recordings

Only for attendees of this Private Event! We’ll record the entire event (minus the keynote speaker, legal reasons) and give you access to everything we have on video of the entire event.